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May 19, 2009

Sales Paradigm and F.E.A.R

Sales Fear F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  A sales paradigm based upon a scarcity viewpoint creates F.E.A.R. that can defeat you in sales

Picture this.  A company has a new, expensive commercial product for which sales have not taken off.  During a sales call, the company representative is asked how many other companies are using the product.  In response, he beats around the bush apologetically trying to explain why sales have not taken off.

His scarcity paradigm has him believing that the prospect won't be interested in a product without a solid track record.

How easy is it to sell something you think intelligent people would not be interested in (unless you throw in all kinds of "added value" or lower the price significantly)?

Look at it from a paradigm of abundance.  The fact that the product is not in use by a lot of companies increases the value of the product.  Those who buy it and leverage the product before their competitors will gain a significant competitive advantage.

With a change of paradigm, excuses become enthusiasm!

What other examples are there of the impact of a Winning Sales Paradigm?

For more, read How to Use Your Perceived Weaknesses by Jim Logan.

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Impressive Post Jeff!
I used to be in hospitality sales and I quickly realized we were viewed as a commodity. (Like everything else) How was I supposed to sell the same 4 walls my competition had my competitive edge being a different comforter design?
What I soon found out is that I was selling myself. People wanted to sign with us because I appeared to be someone that would take care of them no matter what. THAT was my winning sales paradigm.

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